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Henry Priestman                    Amy Wadge                 Pete Riley                   

Angie Palmer                         Billy Buckley               Keith James

Christene Ledoux                  Sean Taylor                  Ben Hughes

Chris Tye                               Wes Finch                    Paul Liddell

Jess Gardham                         Patsy Mattheson          Becky Mills

Waking the Witch                  Lou Brown                  Clive Gregson

Jon Amor                               Vinny Peculiar             Megson

Kenon Chen                           Ariel Thiermann          Cruel Folk

Emily Baker                           Carl Ballinger              Waking the Witch (extinct)

Rachel Goodwin                     Bernard Hoskin           Boo hewardine

Jennifer Crook                        Kit Holmes                  Urisk
Juile Collings                          Doninic Crane             Mark Winfield

Sam Rose                                Chris Smythe              LeoKai

 Rachel & the Lawn Grower


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