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Why do people go to gigs and then talk all the way through them? Who knows?

We like everyone to enjoy our gigs in a friendly, informal and relaxed environment.

We can all contribute to a great evening of fun and music, if we follow a few simple rules

1. Please switch your mobile phones and other devices to 'silent' mode.

2. By all means chat to your mates between acts or songs - it's all part of the atmosphere. And fetch a drink from the bar whenever you feel the urge. But please do listen to the music while it's happening - it's what you've paid your hard earned money for.

3. If you absolutely need to have a few words with someone during the performance, then please just pop outside, or into the lobby for a couple of minutes.

4. I hope you're not offended by this; it's certainly not my intention.

5. Enjoy yourself! We will!

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